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February 08, 2004

Vladimir Nabokov

Butterfly_1Zembla - A site devoted to the life & works of Vladimir Nabokov.

Is there a real book called Nabokov? "The book is quite interesting. Unfortunately it is not real..."

Meet Lolita - Too busy for Cliff's Notes? Welcome to The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature: Great books distilled to their essence and presented in the most efficient form of communication ever devised- (From Daniel Radosh's PowerPoint Anthology).

Nabokovilia is a haphazard collection of quotes by writers who have snuck references to Nabokov and things Nabokovian into their work.

Nabokov's Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius, and A Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths, by Dieter E. Zimmer. Also, the old Butterfly Alphabet .

Japanese family crests based on butterflies.

Our Complete Collection of Nabokov Links Here

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A very good Nabokov site - although in Russian

Posted by: Moshu at Sep 28, 2004 10:13:06 PM


Is full video available? Thanks

Posted by: Keith Douglas at Mar 11, 2005 12:23:24 PM