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January 31, 2004

The 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Eclectic Beer Links!

Drink_beer100 bucks for beer? - Sam Adams' pricey new brew goes to extremes

1435 beers in 96 countries

17897 used and unused crown caps . See, for example, Mexican series of Soccer Players by Cerveza Sol - 10/21/03

20 Cheap Beers reviewed (From "Black Table")

2000 Great Beers of Belgium (From "Beer Trips")

2,900 results for "Beer" on E-Bay - 9/21/03

295 brands of 40 oz Malt Liquor

2-Men Beer Bong

448 Beer festivals from 18 countries - 9/27/03

5 Stages Of Drunkeness - 9/21/03

7005 beercoasters

86 Rules of Boozing and Drunkard Propaganda Posters ("Never was so much owed by so many to so few - don't forget to pay your bar tab!") - 10/15/03

"99 Bottles of Beer" written in 571 Computer languages!

9 Coronas

"A guy walks into a bar . . . ", Beer Joke from Will Wheaton - 10/9/03

Amazing Chiller - 9/21/03

American Beer Month (July) - 9/27/03

Anderson Valley Brewing Company's Job offers - 10/7/03

Antique Beer Bottles

Ballast Point Brewing Company

"Beer Can Bob for President" Bumper Sticker

Beer Church (From "Off on a Tangent") - 7/28/03

Beer Education 101

'Beer for homeless' blasted by The Salvation Army - 9/27/03

Beer Fridge Deluxe - 9/13/03


Beer History Photo Gallery , (From "Life in the Present") - 12/1/03

Beer in the Movies , Beer symbolizes class conflict & The Meaning of Malty Movie Memories - 12/17/03

Beer Judge Certification Program - BJCP. (From "Memepool")

Beer Kitty ("Never be alone again") - 9/27/03

Beer Labels with an image of a goat's head - 11/2/03

Beer Witch Project - 12/2/03

Best picture ever - 8/16/03

Billy Beer Advertising (From Advertising Collectibles)

Boston Beer Mob - Flashmobs are over. Let's get together for a beer.

British and 3,000 other Beer Labels

Bud shop

Budweiser - the original brewery is no longer allowed to carry that name

Buffalo Theory , as explained by Norm at "Cheers" , and new brew: 'Governator' beer , from Portland Brewing Co. - 1/7/04

Buy a Beer Machine (As seen on TV!)

Calories and Alcohol Content of the most popular doemstic & imported brands, (From "Beer 100") - 10/1/03

Chart showing you how much you can drink before it is unsafe to drive- 11/6/03

Chicago's Irish Pubs - 9/21/03

Clamato Beer , Cone top Beer cans and Flick the Mat Game (From "Coudal" . Many more excellent Friday-Drink Links there!)

Corona Games - 12/21/03

DNA - Alcoholic spring water

Drink Bong water

Drink-o-meter - 10/11/03

Do you know your bottles? - 8/17/03

Duvel Brewery

Exploding beer can flying (From "Dave Log") - 9/14/03

Find thousands of Micro-brews

Fridge Cam - 9/23/03

"Gentlemen, start your livers!" Irish Toasts (From "Real Beer" )

George Washington's Beer Recipe - 1/17/04

Got Beer ? (and Got Beer Belt Buckle with built-in bottle opener - 10/30/03)

Guess the Beer

Guinness good for you - official - 11/22/03

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company - 10/16/03

Harley Beer . Notice the very simple schedule of this South Harley-Davidson Roadhouse beer tent Party .... - 9/19/03

Heineken Import , a beautiful photograph - 9/19/03

homer.jpgHomer Guzzling Duff Beer Shorts

How Many would it Take? - 9/27/03

How To Speak Australian (Irritating background noise)

hURL - Vomit Dictionary . Here, for the grossly disoriented we have the definitive definition : /vomit/ v. spew out {or} up, spit up, belch forth; regurgitate, throw up, gag, retch, heave, {US} keck, {Colloq} puke, return (food), {Brit} sick up, {Slang chiefly Australian} chunder, {US} barf, upchuck, toss (one's) cookies, spiff (one's) biscuits... - 12/9/03

Hydrogen Beer Disaster - 12/21/03

HyperGlow Caffeinated Beer

Indian Cobra Beer - 9/27/03

Inspiration Through Inebriation

Introduction to Mead

"It will brew your mind" , Beer, movies and dachshunds - what more do you need? - 11/10/03

J2O Drinking Game , Thank you Jeffrey P. - 9/21/03

Jet-powered Beer Cooler

KBS Beer Bottle collection - 10/21/03

Kev's Beer Butt Chicken

Locate a beer store

Looking for the King of Beers (From Michael Jackson - The Beer Hunter )

Mabel Black Label (From "Mark's Steins & Breweriana") - 11/22/03

Magazines about Beer (From "Henry's Beer Links" ) - 9/22/03

Microscopic views of Beer Molecules

Need New Friends ? - 9/95/03

Next week's schedule

Norm Peterson Quotes

Nude Beer - 9/13/03

October Fest (From "Mookie" ) - 8/17/03

Oxford Bottled Beer Database

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Tattoo - 8/7/03

Political Beer mats and propaganda-by-beer-mat - 12/9/03

Pronunciation Guide of Belgian Beers

Recipes for Beer Ice Cream (From "Beer Cook" - "Because beer is food") - 10/2/03


Smoked Beer (and Other Beer Styles from "Beer Advocate")

Space Beer Cloud - 9/20/03

"Special Brew" - Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous - 9/20/03

Stein Collectors International

Strange Brew Recipes - 10/16/03

Stubby Canadian beer bottles (From the fertile blog of "Information Junk" ) - 11/2/03

Sun golf - 9/21/03

Ten Reasons You Should Buy Me A Beer

Texas Professional Beer Drinkers Association - 10/1/03

The Budweiser Girls - 9/20/03


The Danger of drinking Beer

Three cheers for beer ads- 12/9/03

"Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time" and other Beer Quotes (From "The Opinionated Beer Co." )

Top Ten Drinkinest Movies of All Time

Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Christianity - 9/23/03

Trappist Beer

Travellers' Vocabulary List (From "Beer World Sweden") - 9/19/03

Two Jews walk into a bar... a slow-loading Quicktime movie, (From He'Brew, The Chosen Beer )

Used beer cups refilled and sold at Bucs game - Yuck! - 11/27/03

Vintage Beer Cans

US Beer Drinking Team (From "Presurfer" ) - 8/2/03

Yuengling, America's Oldest Brewery - 12/10/03

What a Job! Stephen Beaumont's Taste of the Month

What's up with "Whassup"

"Would you like a Bierbitzch?" , Beer makers brew up funny product names - 11/6/03

World Beer Games

World's Strongest Beers

Xiao Xiao Heineken Ad (Again from "Off on a Tangent")

A Huge Collection of Unusual Beers And Other Alcoholic Beverages Here

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