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January 31, 2004

The 2003 "Jaws" link collection from the old "Grow-a-Brain"


2 Jaws Trivia Quizzes

Bruce, the Mechanical Shark


Early Spielberg images and images from the "Night Gallery" period (from Mr. Boy )

Goofs for Jaws

Hooper, Brody, Quint Action Figures

Images of Jaws

IMDb's Full Cast and Crew for Jaws

Jaws 2 (From "And you can yourself a scientist") and the other Sequals (from The Original Jaws Movie website )

Jaws' 25th anniversary site (flash4)

Jaws Sound Bites (from The Original Jaws Movie website ) and Robert Shaw Sounds Page

Jumping the Shark ....(It's a stretch, I know...)

Just when you thought it was safe to eat your lunch...The Lunchbox....

Knight Speilberg - 12/21/03

Locations in Martha's Vineyard and Jaws and Beer in Martha's Vineyard

Nitpicking small errors in the movie

On Location with Jaws By Mik Cribben

Pucca Club

Review of "Jaws the Revenge" by Robert Ebert

Richard Kiel - Bond`s Jaws

Spielberg's autograph - 1/16/04

Spielberg's mother (From "The Official Jewish Mothers' Hall of Fame" interviews) and Spielberg - the family man

"Stillness in the Water", the original script and The "Fish Tales" interview with Carl Gottlieb

White Shark Bite Forensics - a Photo Essay

Many More Unusual Links about Spielberg’s “Jaws”, about Coppola’s Godfather and about Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” Here

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