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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Coffin Links.

coffin.gifArt Caskets , $2,100 Romantic Urns and Fantasy Coffins from Ghana

Beer Bottle Coffin and Santa Claus Vintage Coffin : Hand-painted exterior with polyurethane clear coat - 12/24/03

Casket Furniture

CMS Collapsible Coffin

CoffinCam - The view from inside a real coffin

Death & Eternity

Ecopod -Design your own environmentally-friendly casket

Kiss Kasket

Kiwanis Coffin

Momento Mori

National Museum of Funeral History

Nosferatu's Casket Paper Model from Matthew Sparks

Red Arrows Coffin from "Heaven on Earth"

Reusable Coffin

Safety Coffins (From "Quiddity") - 9/13/03

Improved Burial Case, US Patent No. 81,437

Sam Barcroft's Coffins Furnitures - 12/21/03

Vintage Coffins

Wooden Egyptian Coffins

Many More Unusual Coffins & Caskets and Links About Death and Eternity Here

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The Ripley's Museum in Orlando has a coffin desu\igned as a PanAm 727; including cockpit and tail. The internet doesn't have a photo of it but it was shown in Nov. 16 Metro newspaper.

Posted by: Myron at Nov 17, 2005 4:37:23 AM